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Jennifer E

While buying our new home, our home inspector suggested we investigate some water damage and introduced us to David Smith of Hi Safety First. Following David's inspection and testing of our home, he provided us with a detailed, comprehensive report that delineated areas containing mold and recommendations for remediation. He explained our mold damage in a way that was understandable to us as laypeople. He offered advice regarding hiring independent mold remediation companies and continued to advise us as we moved through the remediation process, which included coming back for follow up inspections. At all times, David was professional, ethical, and pleasant to speak with. He has extensive training in mold inspection and was very knowledgeable. He, and his assistant Shanna, were always responsive and quick to schedule time with us we requested them to do so. Though the mold remediation companies we interviewed tended to have disparate recommendations for our mold remediation, David approached planning for our mold remediation in a realistic, practical, and reasonable manner that balanced not cutting corners but also not going overboard. His vast knowledge about mold greatly reduced our stress level, and likely our costs, as we dealt with our mold damage.

Thank you Hi Safety First.

Liz C.

David is a diamond in the rough. I'm so glad I found Hi Safety First Corp on Angie's List - what a lifesaver!!  We needed an inspection for our very first house we wanted to buy, and I called David based on the reviews here.  Best decision I've made so far! During the initial phone call, his wife took the time to walk me through everything they do, and to give me an idea of what was going to happen at the inspection, and what was going to happen after. The inspection was on a Friday and David was already at the house before I got there.  He was incredibly patient and walked me through everything he was looking at and showed me problem areas and just general things that happen when the house ages. Why was hiring Hi Safety First the best decision we've made so far? Because he saved us from a costly mistake - buying a house that was essentially a money pit!  $600 well spent to save big money in the long run.  His report is meticulous and accurate, I even sent it to family members to look at and they were impressed by the detail he went in to.  Things you may not even notice, he picked up on right away. Thanks to his extensive knowledge, I know the basics of what to look for when we look for a house again - and I will be calling him back to do another inspection if we do find a house worth making an offer on!

I cannot recommend Hi Safety First enough. Absolute perfection in all they do.

Thank you, David and Shanna!

Desiree S.

The experience was wonderful. The inspector arrived early and was already starting the process when we arrived. David was very knowledgeable and took the time to show us all of the potential issues with our prospective home. Initially, he walked us through the home while pointing out potential problems. Each time David spotted an issue, he would explain the severity of the problem and the expected costs of repair. During this time, he also provided advice regarding the renovations that we planned to make on the home. After this initial walk through, David thoroughly inspected the home and documented his findings. The whole process took approximately 2 hours, and we had the final report within two days.

Overall, it was a great and informative experience. David provided us with all of the information that we needed to make a decision regarding the home in a detailed yet easy to read report. If asked, I would certainly recommend him to a friend.




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