Commercial Inspections

We provide Commercial Building Inspections based on the ASTM 2018 - 08 standards. This is a Property Condition Report formulated by conducting a PCA walk through inspection. This report is designed to help determine the General conditions of the structure and provide a better understanding of deficiencies, safety issues, repairs needed and most costs for repair

A good commercial and customary practice for conducting a baseline PCA, the goal is to identify and communicate physical deficiencies to a user. The term physical deficiencies means the presence of conspicuous defects or material deferred maintenance of a subject property's material systems, components, or equipment as observed during the field observer's walk-through survey. This definition specifically excludes deficiencies that may be remedied with routine maintenance, miscellaneous minor repairs, normal operating maintenance, etc., and excludes de minims conditions that generally do not present material physical deficiencies of the subject property. A walk-through survey, conducted during the field observer's site visit of the subject property, that consists of non-intrusive visual observations, survey of readily accessible, easily visible components and systems of the subject property. Concealed physical deficiencies are excluded. It is the intent of this guide that such a survey should not be considered technically exhaustive. It excludes the operation of equipment by the field observer and is to be conducted without the aid of special protective clothing, exploratory probing, removal of materials, testing, or the use of equipment, such as scaffolding, metering/testing equipment, or devices of any kind, etc. It is literally the field observer's visual observations while walking through the subject property.

This report will include short-term cost estimates, opinions of probable costs to remedy physical deficiencies, such as deferred maintenance, that may not warrant immediate attention, but require repairs or replacements that should be undertaken on a priority basis in addition to routine preventive maintenance. Such opinions of probable costs may include costs for testing, exploratory probing, and further analysis should this be deemed warranted by the consultant. The performance of such additional services are beyond this guide. Generally, the time frame for such repairs is within one to two years.


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