Mold & Bacteria Assessments                (Biological Agents)

 The World Health Organization  says about 12% of new childhood asthma in Europe can be attributed to indoor mold exposure, which represents approximately 55,842 potentially avoidable DALYs (Disability-Adjusted Life Years) and 83 potentially avoidable deaths per year.", Remember they are only talking about Europe we have more people here so the numbers could even be higher.

Molds and bacteria can affect many people in many ways. Unseen molds and bacteria in your home can be affecting you or your Family member's health and nobody seems to know why. We specialize in helping Property Owners, Allergist, Tenants and Lawyer  find and eliminate the causes of mold or poor indoor air quality in their buildings or Home. Remember when your Home is healthy the Family should be healthy.

Water leaks and deferred maintenance is usually the cause of mold amplification, we specialize in finding these issues and resolving them. Our assessment includes evaluating the Building or Home to identify any obvious or detected biological or VOC’s from chemicals and other sources.

Florida only requires 60 hours of training to become a Mold Assessor. Be aware you could put yourself in the hands of a very inexperienced Inspector if you don't do your research. David Smith is an Indoor Environmental Hygienist and an approved Education provider for the State of Florida. Do you want the teacher or the student performing your Mold Assessments?

Investigating a building or home may require several levels of inspection, building sciences and testing depending on the type of concerns identified by Clients. We try to minimize sample collection  if possible or  if the source can be identified without sampling no samples will be collected.

David has studied building sciences since he was 16 years old working at job sites after school and has provided 41 years of field and academic studies to support his conclusions. HI Safety First strives to meets or exceed  National Standards such as IICRC S500 for water damage and S520 for mold damage and  the ASTM D7338-10 Standard Guide for Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings to provide a report that is based on Industry guide lines and will provide accurate, credible information

Our services include Infrared assessments. Being able to visually identify the extent of a flood or moisture damage is important to assure the issues can be resolved. Moisture trapped in walls and behind baseboards are one of the top causes of hidden mold growth.  Often a wet wall does not even appear wet. Locating these types of sources is one more way HI Safety First can be of service.

Remediation & Protocols

Florida State created licensing regulations to protect the population for unscrupulousness Assessors or Remediation Contractors. The State separated the Assessors from the Remediation contractors so the Assessor will write the scope of work for the Remediation guideline  contractor to follow.  Remediation design and protocols are very important and must be included as part of a Standard assessment to assure the project is completed correctly. We write our protocols for each project and follow the EPA, AIHA, and ANSI/IICRC S520 & S500 Standards. Be aware many remediation companies do not want a protocol so they can cut corners and have no oversight.  The end results will be cross contamination of your home and potential regrowth.

Post Remediation Verification or Post Testing

Post testing is recommended to assure the remediation cleaning process was successful. The breathable air space and surfaces should be verified as being returned to a normal fungal ecology. We are very diligent preforming these inspections. Our experience and knowledge of cleaning processes and the national standards for remediation will identify if the project was preformed correctly and ready to reoccupy.

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